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01 services




Project Management.

  1. Process stabilization and optimization

    1. Process, process control and process data audits

    2. Advanced Process Control (APC) implementation with specific reference to Model Predictive Control (MPC)

    3. Process and controls digital analytical tools implementation, including Data Historian and automated monitoring and reporting systems implementation

      1. PID loop monitoring, reporting and tuning

      2. Process unit performance monitoring, comparisons and reporting

      3. Equipment and Process Units effectiveness monitoring and downtime measurements and reporting.  

      4. Scheduled and predictive maintenance monitoring and reporting

    4.    Domain migration management

      1. Complete domain systems divorce and migration to new owners domain

    5. Control design

      1. ISA-88 control design and configuration, implementation, testing and commissioning

        1. Equipment Modules, Control Modules, Control Stages and Phases, Recipe Sequences including lab (LIMS) integration          


Commissioning Management.


Capital projects in the metallurgical industry

Services includes:

Commissioning planning and scheduling.

Cold and hot commissioning phases up to C4 level.

Commissioning team and budget.

Merging of plant designs with ISA-88 control structures and lay-outs. Sequence layer recipe type and phase type control designs.

Control designs and testing – Factory and Site Acceptance Testing (FAT’s and SAT’s).

Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) and Control Hazard and Operability Studies (CHAZOP).

Compiling of the Process Control Base’s (PCB’s) and Control Philosophies.

Handover of the commissioned plants and final documents to the owner’s team – including the closeout report.



Process and Process Control Engineering.


Capital projects in the metallurgical industry

Services includes:

Brownfields and Greenfields Projects 


Design and sub designs of the Process Control Systems (PCS) solutions for the Brownfields and Greenfields circuits. 

ISA-88 regulatory control and sequence recipe control. 

Factory and site acceptance testing.

HAZOP and CHAZOP studies.

Upgrades to the process control system/solutions of existing processes.

Continuous improvement of existing processes.

Control upgrades which included simulation and testing.

Piping and Instrument Diagram updates/”as-builts”.

Process Design Base (PDB) and Process Control Base (PCB) compilation and updates.

Maintained the Health, Safety and Environmental systems.


Set-up and maintain ISA-88 and ISA-95 type system standards.


U-Drive Process Control has been a professional service provider to the metallurgical industry over the past 15 years and specialises in commissioning management, project management, process optimisation, data analysis, process performance monitoring and reporting and control system design. U-Drive Process Control have sub consultancy agreements with other specialists in the field which allows us to collaboratively deliver high quality solutions and products for our clients such as Pilanesberg Platinum, Sibanye Platinum, Siyanda Platinum, Nkomati Nickel, Anglo-American Platinum, Kumba Iron Ore, Impala Platinum and Glencore Alloys.

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02 PROducts


.Equipment and process reporting tool


.Web-based PID control loop monitoring tool


.Data trending and analysis tool


.Data historian


.Calculation engine


.Model predictive controller


.Web based portal

03 projects


Managing and delivering services and products to various capital projects in the mining industry in various roles - including Project Manager, Commissioning Manager, Process and Process Control Engineering. Refer to the sub-page for more detail and information.


Please feel free to make contact should you require any further information.

Tel: 083 456 6994

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